Dish Washers

We believe that hygiene is the most important aspect of any professional Kitchen and cannot be compromised at any level. We offer FAGOR-Spain range of Dishwashers which ensures guaranteed hygienic res

All of our equipment is designed to improve hygiene conditions: the exteriors of the appliances are finished with an extra fine extra-fine polish and do not have sharp edges, while all interior angles are rounded off, thus avoiding packets of dirt, eliminating odours while at the same time ensuring the complete emptying of the tank and excellent waste filtration.

The Fagor Industrial range of Dishwashers includes

  • Small Glass Washers
  • Front Loading
  • Pass through
  • Compact Conveyor to Large industrial sized models capable of dealing with up to 6000 dishes/ hour
  • Electric and Gas options.

Pdf catalogues:
Conveyor Dishwasher with Drying Tunnel(FI-160,200,200H, ECO-160,200,200H)
Pass Through Dishwasher (AD-125 , CO-110 , CO 172DD)
Front Loading Dishwasher ( CO-501)
Glass Washer